Day: November 13, 2012

Cultivating a Grassroots Grantmaking Committee

In this podcast Grassroots Grantmakers’ Rachel Oscar visits with Sarah Gyorki, one of the flagship members of the Neighborhood Connections Grantmaking Committee in Cleveland, OH. to discuss the assembling, cultivation, and growth of that initial grantmaking committee and the Cleveland Foundation Program Officers’ initial meetings with the resident committee.

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Neighborhood Initiatives at The Hamilton Community Foundation

In this podcast Rachel Oscar of Grassroots Grantmakers sits down with Sharon Charters, Grants Manager at the Hamilton Community Foundation (in Ontario, Canada) and David Derbyshire, Community Development Worker with Wesley Urban Ministries to talk about the Hamilton Community Foundation’s multi-faceted neighborhood initiative that has had major success in strengthening the relationship between the community foundation and Hamilton’s residents.

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What Makes a Good Grassroots Grantmaking Committee Members

In this podcast, Blaine Griffin, a flagship member of the Neighborhood Connections Grantmaking Committee in Cleveland, OH shares insights with Grassroots Grantmakers’ Rachel Oscar on what makes a good grantmaking committee member and how acting as a Grantmaking Committee Member has influenced his role with the City of Cleveland.

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