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On The Ground Registration Open

Register now for the 2019 On The Ground national “anti-conference” — and get ready for learning, networking, and all that Indianapolis has to offer. Grassroots Grantmakers’ On The Ground is July 16-18 in Indianapolis. Download the conference packet by clicking here or on the image below: The Crowne Plaza in

Read More »

Buying Tramadol In Australia, Tramadol Sale Online Uk

Sponsorship Opportunities

Show your support for enriching learning and networking experiences that advance community philanthropy and resident engagement: Become an On The Ground sponsor. For more information

Read More »


What is it: 1Million1s is an online social innovation and philanthropic pilot initiative that encourages philanthropic giving among Millennials and GenZs and invests in grassroots initiatives. How

Read More »

The City Repair Project

The City Repair Project began in Portland, Oregon almost 20 years ago with the idea that localization — of culture, of economy, of decision making

Read More »

Open Bite Night

Open Bite Night is a great example of the asset-based philosophy in action, because it’s both organized and run by people in the community. The

Read More »

Training & Resources

Neighborhoods Matter

Too often in the U.S., the land of opportunity, our residents’ childhood addresses determine their future success. Data provided by a new online resource, The

Read More »