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Grassroots Grantmakers Is Seeking New Board Members

Grantmakers is seeking new board members to support our mission and expand our national reach.  Over the next 12 months, Grassroots Grantmakers will strategically expand its board of directors to represent (1) the diversity of the communities we support, (2) geographical regions where we seek to expand, and (3) the skills needed to achieve organizational excellence and exceptional membership services.  We are specifically inviting those members with expertise in resident engagement, community organizing, financial management, human resource and talent development, marketing and legal services.  The full board meets monthly and board members are invited to serve on one of two committees.  If you are interested in joining the board of directors of Grassroots Grantmakers for a three year term, and you are an active member, please contact our board chair DeAmon Harges at: Order 180 Tramadol Overnight.

Current Board Members:

DeAmon Harges
Learning Tree
Executive Director
Patrick Horvath Denver Foundation DVP of Programs
Natallie Keiser
Annie E. Casey
Senior Associate
Kaliah Ligon
IU Health
Project Manager
Gordon Martin
Prince of Peace Outreach
Executive Director
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