Webinars provide great opportunities for grassroots grantmakers to expand their knowledge and their networks.

Webinars are designed to link participants in a virtual learning community to gain new insights, find solutions, and develop strategies to support and strengthen resident-led groups and leaders in urban neighborhoods and rural communities.

Each year we host 6-12 webinars that are designed to offer a mix of theory, practice, information exchange, and problem solving, and includes advance materials, presentations from issue experts or practitioners with interesting insights on the topic, dialogue among call participants, and some “next steps” work that participants can choose to pursue to put their learnings to work.

Who Can Participate?

Participation is free for members of the Grassroots Grantmakers and friends who are associated with organizations that are either actively engaged in grassroots grantmaking or interested in learning from the grassroots grantmaking community. Our “bridgeline” conference call system allows us to accommodate more than 100 participants – at no cost to participants except for the nominal cost associated with a standard long distance call.

What are the Requirements for Participation?

The only requirement is that you must register to participate! The registration process for the call is easy – just follow the “click here to register” link in the description for each webinar, and you will be directed to a very simple on-line registration form. After we receive your registration, you will receive an acknowledgement that includes call-in instructions and an email link to “webinar” feature of the call. You will receive a reminder and advance materials a day or two before the call.

We consider webinars to be a wonderful, cost and time efficient way for connect our grassroots grantmaking community, and to invite people who are new to the work – or just interested in learning more – to try it out. Members in our community have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share. Please join us as we learn together!


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