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Does Grassroots Grantmakers give grants?

No, we are a membership organization that includes funders but we do not offer grants or recommend grants to our members. We support learning about how funders and grassroots resident-led groups can work effectively together.

How is Grassroots Grantmakers funded?

As a membership organization, we rely heavily on annual membership contributions.  We also receive periodic grants for special projects or general operating support and we offer some services for reasonable fees to help cover costs.

Who can join Grassroots Grantmakers?

Membership is available to funder and other organizations, grassroots groups, and individuals who are interested in place-based, constituent-driven community change work, in building the capacity of constituent-controlled grassroots organizations, and that share our values of inclusion, fairness, and sustainability.

How do we join Grassroots Grantmakers?

Simply complete our membership form and send it along with the membership contribution to the address provided.  If accepted, memberships last for one year from acceptance date and then can be renewed.

Do you have to be a member to participate in Grassroots Grantmakers?

No. Our resources are open to both members and non-members, as best as we are able.  In some instances, members might be eligible for reduced rates or given priority registration over non-members.

How many people from a member organization can participate in Grassroots Grantmakers?

Generally, there is no limit. We welcome participation from an organization’s staff, board members, and volunteers. We encourage funder organizations to support their grassroots community partners to participate with them; learning together is an effective way to build community back home.

Where is Grassroots Grantmakers located?

Grassroots Grantmakers is a virtual organization with its own 501(c)3 standing in the United States and membership across North America. Board members serve from across the United States.

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