What is it: 1Million1s is an online social innovation and philanthropic pilot initiative that encourages philanthropic giving among Millennials and GenZs and invests in grassroots initiatives.

How It Works: 1Million1s community members sign up for a subscription, committing to donating $1 per day, per week, or per month to impactful, grassroots nonprofits founded by Millennials or GenZs. Each month, 100% of these small donations are pooled together into one large grant and given to a different grassroots organization.

Getting Started:  1Million1s is launching on April 1, and is excited to announce the first three grassroots organizations that will be receiving funding. Those groups are: Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (New York), Springboard Collaborative (Philadelphia), and Drive Change (New York). 

Grassroots Grantmakers is providing ongoing counsel and access to a national network of funders and community change agents. 

“1Million1s has the possibility to completely disrupt how young people think about philanthropy,” Wheeler said. “It is very exciting for us to be involved with this innovative initiative and incredible team.” – Roderick Wheeler, Executive Director of Grassroots Grantmakers.

Call To Action: 1Million1s is seeking partners that are interested in providing additional start-up capital to fund its launch and overhead. The 1Million1s team believes that Grassroots Grantmakers member organizations can help to infuse additional resources into resident-led, neighborhood-based, grassroots efforts. 1Million1s is passing 100% of online donations to the featured nonprofit, creating a need for operational funding.Who To Contact: If you are interested in learning more about, or partnering with 1Million1s, please contact social innovators Mike Doyle (mike.doyle@1million1s.org) or Peter Benkendorf (peter@daytoncollaboratory.org).


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