Warming Up for On the Ground Syracuse: Context & History on Video

This webinar was specifically designed for people who were heading to Syracuse for Grassroots Grantmakers’ 2012 On the Ground Learning Gathering, but will be interesting to anyone who wants some perspective on the role that community and organizational history and context play in shaping a funder’s community change approach and strategy.

Four special guests from Syracuse joined Grassroots Grantmakers’ Executive Director Janis Foster Richardson to share information about factors that shaped and are continuing to shape Syracuse as a community and the Gifford Foundation’s evolution as an engaged place-based funder.  

Special Guests:

Providing information about The Gifford Foundation’s history and evolution:

Dirk Sonneborn, current President of The Gifford Foundation

Kathy Goldfarb-Findling, past President of The Gifford Foundation and current Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Allyn Foundation

Providing community history and context:

Dennis Connors, Curator of History, Onondago Historical Association

Rob Simpson, President & CEO, Center State Corporation for Economic Opportunity

Warming Up for On the Ground Syracuse: Community & Organizational Context from Janis Foster Richardson on Vimeo.


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