Sharing the Learning: The Living Room Meeting

One way that Grassroots Grantmakers connects and strengthens funders who are working from a “we begin with residents” perspective is to share innovative practices and learning from their on the ground work.

This is our premiere edition of a new publication, Sharing the Learning, that is designed to do that with a focus on a particular practice or tool and how it is utilized by a particular funder.

When we gathered at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation for the Spring 2009 “On the Ground with Grassroots Grantmakers”, the use of “living room meetings” as a good way to begin and renew relationship-building with residents attracted a lot of interest among the funders who were there, with requests for more specific “how to” information.  This “Sharing the Learning” is our response to that interest.

Our thanks go to Roque Barros, Bevelynn Bravo and the other members of the great team at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation for their generosity in sharing their learnings!


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