We can talk about things that make us uncomfortable with people who are different from us

Hello, friends and partners of Grassroots Grantmakers,

Today we start a series of blogs featuring our members and friends.   Here’s an inspiring example from one of our board members, Julie Black at the Calgary Foundation, about a group of leaders addressing structures of inequality, creating inclusive communities and opening themselves to the interior transformation we need to transform societyeldercore.  I hope you enjoy!


 Don’t Call Me Dearie

a short documentary

about grassroots community leadership from people over 65

Earlier this year, we at Calgary Foundation received an application to one of our grassroots granting programs from a new non-profit organization made up of graduates of the Elder Service Corps leadership training program of a local organization, Carya. The graduates wanted to make a documentary about their experience of leadership training at the age of 65 or older and about the good work they’ve done in the community as a result of what they learned.

With our grassroots grant and other supports, the group produced a short documentary that speaks with humour and heart about inclusion, personal and community change, and learning to be an elder. The video contends that it’s time to change the conversation about what it means to grow older. And it showcases the joy we can obtain when we talk truthfully and with compassion about all that separates us and all that can bring us together.

I can’t think of a better moment to recharge ourselves with the hard-won wisdom of such a marvellous group of people learning together how to “grow older better” and contribute to the community.

Julie Black

Citizen Engagement Associate

Calgary Foundation

Calgary, Alberta Canada


Watch their video “Don’t Call Me Dearie” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8Y9PZkjsG0

Learn more about Elder Service Corps http://caryacalgary.ca/our-programs/older-adults/elder-service-corps/

Learn more about grassroots grants at Calgary Foundation http://calgaryfoundation.org/grants-awards/grassroots-grants




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