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Reserve Your Spot Today! Registration for On The Ground Is Now Open

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight for the 2019 On The Ground national Tramadol Prescribed Online — and get ready for learning, networking, and all that Indianapolis has to offer. Grassroots Grantmakers’ On The Ground is July 16-19 in Indianapolis.

The Crowne Plaza in downtown Indianapolis will be the host hotel, while Broadway United Methodist Church will be home base for conference activities.

Join us in launching On The Ground at our opening networking event on Tuesday, July 16, at 6:30 p.m. We’ll exchange ideas about national and local grassroots strategies that advance inclusive philanthropy and empower residents.

Then start your learning journey on Wednesday, July 17, when On The Ground will feature three tracks for engaging with resident leaders. You’ll explore traditional community investment strategies and ideas — ideas that can transform community philanthropy to meet the current and future needs of residents.

On The Ground is the only philanthropic conference that provides grantmaking practitioners the opportunity to be immersed within a community and get feedback directly from residents. You’ll learn firsthand about investment strategies that are inclusive to community members.

On Thursday, July 18, take part in a series of learning exchanges that support the personal and professional development of grantmakers, foundation executives and resident leaders.

New this year:

  • Grassroots Grantmakers Institute, a series of learning exchanges about the philosophy and the practice of grassroots grantmaking.Grassroots Grantmakers Institute, a series of learning exchanges about the philosophy and the practice of grassroots grantmaking.
  • Learn how to develop, launch and expand neighborhood small-grant strategies.
  • For foundation executives, On The Ground Indianapolis will feature sessions on diversity, equity and inclusion and on transforming community investment institutions.
  • And, back by popular demand, we will provide the Grassroots Grantmakers “marketplace,” a networking and knowledge-sharing session. During this activity, conference-goers identify an issue they want to learn more about and get ideas and support on that issue from their colleagues.

Our national host and resident committee is designing community-based site visits that attendees can choose to attend following each day’s conference activities. These social gatherings will highlight inclusion-related topics within various local neighborhoods.

And, because On The Ground is scheduled during the exciting month of July in Indianapolis, you’ll get plenty of time to Where To Get Tramadol Online with friends new and old. Don’t miss Buying Tramadol Online Legal, a cultural and community celebration scheduled for that week in Indianapolis.

We’ll update our information about On The Ground as the event approaches, so make sure to check back for the Tramadol Paypal. And learn more about a bonus you’ll get when registering early. We look forward to seeing you On The Ground in Indianapolis in July!

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