Podcast: Susan Lloyd on The Zilber Neighborhood Initiative

In this podcast, Janis is talking with Zilber Family Foundation President Susan Lloyd about the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative, a partnership between the Zilber Family Foundation and the Walnut Way Conservation Corp. in Lindsay Heights, Journey House in Clarke Square, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, LISC Milwaukee, and United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee.

We will hear about how residents, educators, business owners, and nonprofit leaders have come together to envision the future of their neighborhoods with support from the Zilber Family Foundation and others for the highly engaged community work involved with completing and implementing quality of life plans for each neighborhood.

Grassroots Grantmakers is partnering with the Zilber Family Foundation to bring its highly regarded On the Ground learning exchange to Milwaukee in 2013 (September 9-12) – with in person visits to the neighborhoods that have been involved in the Zilber Neighborhood Initiative and conversations with people who have been involved. This podcast will be a good introduction to this work for those who are interested in attending.


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