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Resident Leadership as a Catalyst for Community Change and Improvement — How to Leverage, Not Lead With, Philanthropic Investments

Summary: The Resident Leadership series will focus on community organizing as the catalyst for change, not community funding.

Overview: This resident-led learning exchange will uncover the gifts of human assets, resident leaders and community organizers. You’ll also learn about:

  • Reverse-engendering to achieve communitywide results.
  • Conducting a needs assessment and performing community-based outreach.
  • Establishing partnerships and forging mutually beneficial relationships with key community stakeholders, including philanthropic and community investment organizations.
  • Community foundation’s resident engagement model that can be used across the nation.

Grassroots Grantmaking Institute — Leveraging Small Grant Dollars to Achieve Big Impact

Summary: The Grassroots Grantmaking series will establish the foundation for launching, growing and sustaining a grassroots grantmaking program.

Overview: Place-based foundations have leveraged small neighborhood-grant programs to build communities, develop resident leaders, employ resident voices — and achieve sustainable community change. In this session, learn the art and science behind grassroots grantmaking. We’ll discuss the philosophy and the practice of making grassroots investments, and how those investments differ from traditional grantmaking strategy or philanthropic investments.    

Executive Session — Developing Courageous Executive Leadership Practices That Transform Philanthropic Institutions

Summary: The Executive Session will explore the impact of racism in philanthropy and in the communities it serves. Learn insights and tools to create a more inclusive philanthropic organization before launching or expanding grassroots grantmaking strategies.

Overview: You’ll explore ways to leverage philanthropic capital — social, knowledge, human, political and financial — to serve as an agent of change in your community. With this capital you can address systemic racism and drive positive community change.

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