Teams Are Shaping Up for On the Ground Cleveland

We are excited that teams from the communities represented in the Wordle above are on the way to Cleveland for the 2014 On the Ground!

We LOVE people who think about attending On the Grounds as an opportunity to plant and nurture learning community seeds in their own community by gathering people together to attend as a team.  We have heard from people attending as part of a team about the power of that experience.

“We attended as a team and were able to reflect and bounce ideas off one another ‘in the moment’.  Because our experiences were different we brought back a wealth of knowledge to our organizations and our community.”

“It is rare when you are in the thick of your work that you are able to reflect on its impact and meaning in light of the fields progress. This is the one time that we are able to do that as a group and have information when we get home to build discussion, evaluation and action around.”

There is still time to put a team of two or more people together for the Cleveland On the Ground; we encourage you to consider putting together a team that includes a mix of perspectives and levels of experience, and to use the On the Ground experience as a way to grow common ground and spark thinking about strategies to ignite the power of everyday people in your community in the interest of making your community more welcoming, vibrant, resilient and just.  Contact us if you would like to brainstorm with us about participating as a team.

Also, check out our recommendations (and handy tool) for pre-OTG work that you can do with your team to ramp up learning. 


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