A Primer on Fiscal Sponsorship: Webinar Recording & Resources

A Primer on Fiscal Sponsorship: A Tool for Funding Outside of the 501(c)(3) Box

Presented December 19, 2012

Additional Resources

Greg Colvin’s Fiscal Sponsorship Doing it Right PowerPoint Presentation
Fiscal Sponsorship is Maturing as a Field by Melanie Beene
Brushes with the Law by Gregory Colvin
Comparison of 501c3 with Fiscal Sponorship Models A and C
Fiscal Sponsor Agreement Forms – pdf forms on Adler & Colvin’s website
National Network of Fiscal Sponsors – an information rich site on fiscal sponsorship, hosted by the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors and designed to promote the understanding and professional practice of fiscal sponsorship.
Fiscal Sponsor Directory – a tool created by the San Francisco Study Center to help connect community projects with fiscal sponsors; it is also a forum for fostering understanding of that relationship and its impact on the nonprofit sector. – latest commentary on fiscal sponsorship by Gregory Colvin
Fiscal Sponsorship: 6 Ways to Do It Right, 2005 edition by Gregory Colvin

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