milwaukee leadership

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Listen to this Grassroots Perspectives podcast to hear Janis’ conversation with Jeanette Mitchell, Director of Leadership for Professionals of Color at Cardinal Stritch University, about Milwaukee’s new Neighborhood Leadership Institute.  The Neighborhood Leadership Institute is a partnership among Cardinal Stritch Unitersity, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Zilber Family Foundation, Northwestern Mutual Foundation, LISC Milwaukee and United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee.

Jeanette is describing how the idea for the Institute emerged, what was done to get started, and what curriculum is being piloted with 13 neighborhood teams this year.  She is also sharing what she and others are learning about supporting leadership development at the grassroots and what plans are now taking shape to make neighborhood leadership training a sustainable part of the Milwaukee neighborhood strengthening landscape.

The agenda for Grassroots Grantmakers 2013 On the Ground in Milwaukee includes an evening with Neighborhood Leadership Institute professionals – where we will hear about the Neighborhood Leadership Institute experience first hand.  Order 180 Tramadol Overnight for more information about On the Ground Milwaukee.

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